Alcuni prerequisiti per adottare l’AI e migliorare la Customer Experience.

AICEX: Negli anni ’90 era la Qualità, poi l’Ambiente, poi la Responsabilità Sociale, poi il Risk Management, poi il Digitale, adesso l’AI. Ma i fondamentali per avere successo sono sempre i soliti. Esattamente quelli dei quali spesso ci dimentichiamo.

AI-driven applications are hot and getting hotter. Forrester’s 2018 survey respondents who said they are investing in AI increased from 40% in 2016 to 51% in 2017.  The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that in comparison with the Industrial Revolution, AI’s disruption of society and business is happening at 300 times the scale and ten times fasterResearch done by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan reveals large gaps between leaders and laggards in every industry regarding AI usage, and predict that the gaps will magnify over the next five years.

The possibilities and potential for AI-driven applications to enhance Customer Experience (CX) seem endless, but if you’re thinking of jumping on board as soon as possible, think again.

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Blockchain: Business, CRM, Loyalty

AICEX:Un interessante post che presenta alcune applicazioni della Blockchain in vari settori di mercato con una riflessione sulle applicazioni in ambito CRM e Loyalty. Naturalmente non si vive di sola Blockchain considerato che esistono validissime alternative.

Since 2000, we all have seen a parade of technology emerging, which includes mobile technology, browser-based cloud computing, social media, workflow management, journey mapping, Big Data, IoT, and last but not the least Blockchain.

It is typical that at first there is only a fragile relationship between all these technological innovations and CRM’s original mission, but in most cases, over a short time (often by rethinking) CRM comes into the foray that leverages the technological attributes of these global computing inventions.
Therefore, it is natural; we can always think that the next invention of CRM will be Blockchain technology, which is gradually making its way around the back office.

In the real word, discussing this new(ish) technology called Blockchain, let us first understand that Blockchain is just more than a digital ledger for cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, before we turn our attention to how Blockchain can be applied in CRM scenario, let us understand the basics of Blockchain technology.

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