Le Customer Journey sono utili, ma solo sino ad un certo punto.

Photo: Albin Berlin

AICEX: Conoscere il nemico per combatterlo, diceva qualcuno, ed è esattamente lo spirito di questo post. Esprimere in maniera sintetica i principali limiti delle Customer Journey e proporre delle modalità per gestirle. Una sorta di “consenso informato”.

Digital transformation is quickly becoming the “Band-Aid” of modern times: It’s a term so overused that its meaning is no longer clear. Worse, countless service providers unskilled in its nuance have co-opted the phrase “customer journey mapping,” further compounding the problem.

But even under the guidance of experienced teams, a customer journey map has limitations. The three primary limitations of customer journey mapping fall into two main categories: focusing on, and over-reliance in, the wrong things.

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Ecco perché bisogna sbrigarsi ad avere conversazioni con i clienti

AICEX: I Clienti non desiderano che le aziende definiscano le loro Journey, desiderano invece che progettino Esperienze in modo che possano crearsi da soli le proprie Journey preferite.
As marketers, we’re increasingly finding ourselves facing an intriguing conundrum when it comes to creating personalized experiences for our customers. In our efforts to drive hyper-personalization, and appeal to every possible consumer need, we’re now at risk of confusing and, even worse, potentially alienating the very customers we’re trying to woo.

Jeriad Zoghby
Illustration: Alex Fine

With more data driving an explosive array of options, many consumers are overwhelmed by too many choices, causing them to be less satisfied, make poor decisions and abandon a website or brand. And this trend is on the rise—according to new research from the 2018 Accenture Interactive Personalization Pulse Report, 45 percent of customers have abandoned a site because it was too overwhelming, up from 40 percent last year.

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