Cosa gli Hotel (non?) ci insegnano sulla Customer Experience.

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AICEX: Un simpatico invito ad essere semplici, efficaci, efficienti, memorabili, … umani!  

Lo Storytelling porta la Customer Experience al next level

SpaceX lift off


AICEX SUMMARY: L’esperienza e non il prezzo saranno il vero campo di battaglia del futuro.

We now have the ability to use dynamic content, data and intelligent automation to improve customer experiences

Experiences, not price, will be the battleground of the future.

Customers value experiences, and those experiences often come in the form of stories. Selfies, social feeds, chats and influence stats grab consumers’ attention, who in turn share their personal encounters.

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Experience Design: Il racconto di un Designer LEGO

AICEX SUMMARY: Every product, whether it may seem like it or not, is a service of some kind, and needs to be considered holistically within the user’s journey

At 5am on a cold, misty morning, my plane tumbled to a stop in a strange land where I didn’t speak a word of the language. I was about to embark on one of the best (and most bizarre) adventures I’d had so far — working as a designer at LEGO HQ in Denmark.

I was fresh-faced, just a few weeks after finishing university, and about to be thrown into the deep end of my first real design job.

Over the course of my time there, I would work on a secret project, a real life ‘LEGO House’ — a 12,000 square metre new spiritual home for the cult brand, standing 23 metres tall. The ‘House’ was to be filled with slightly surreal digital and physical experiences showing the values and future vision for LEGO.

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