McKinsey: come sviluppare la visione della customer experience

AICEX: In questo articolo si evidenziano due temi chiave per avere successo nelle iniziative di customer experience, individuare e gestire ciò che i clienti vogliono davvero (anche se talvolta non lo sanno con precisione), e coinvolgere i dipendenti, soprattutto quelli che con i clienti interagiscono direttamente. Nulla di nuovo sotto al sole, ma allora perché è così difficile avere davvero successo?

A successful customer experience strategy starts with an aspiration centered on what matters to customers and empowering frontline workers to deliver.

Almost every successful company recognizes that it is in the customer-experience business. Organizations committed to this principle are as diverse as the online retail giant Amazon; The Walt Disney Company, from its earliest days operating in a small California studio; and the US Air Force, which uses an exotic B2B-like interface to provide close air support for ground troops under fire. Conversely, companies that are not attuned to a customer-driven marketplace are remarkably easy to spot. Consider the traditional US taxi industry, which is facing significant new competition from the likes of Lyft and Uber. Customer-service standouts clearly understand that this is central to their success as businesses.

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Le personalità della Customer Experience

AICEX: per avere successo nei progetti di customer experience servono persone speciali. Anche perché sono per definizione trasversali e multidisciplinari. In questo articolo si individuano 16 personalità che possono aiutare nel creare il giusto mix di persone per un team vincente.

When it comes to Customer Experience (CX) work, it takes a very special type of person to be successful.  Consider all the skills required to thrive in the role…data crunching, storytelling, journey mapping, process improvement, change management, strategic thinking, influencing behaviors, project management….the list goes on.  It’s essentially impossible for any one person to be strong in all of these areas.  Could this be part of the reason that a huge percentage of CX initiatives are failing?

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La CX perfetta non è quella che pensi.

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AICEX: L’esperienza perfetta non esiste, e nemmeno il cliente perfetto, ciò che davvero conta è una relazione coerente e sincera, che mantenga le promesse rifuggendo dalla tentazione di strafare.

No product or brand can fulfill the needs and expectations of every person every time. Companies that try to please the masses usually underwhelm their true target audience and gain little in the exchange. Even if you manage to create an incredible experience in red, there will always be people who prefer blue.

Great customer experience (CX) does not exist in a vacuum. To design an experience that keeps people coming back, focus less on wowing the crowd and more on creating a plan that consistently delivers satisfying results.

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