Il lato umano della trasformazione omnichannel

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AICEX: Spesso quando si lavora su progetti riguardanti l’omnicanalità ci si concentra sugli aspetti tecnologici e sul comportamento dei clienti, ponendo in secondo piano gli aspetti umani relativi ai dipendenti, che di quel progetto decreteranno il successo o il fallimento. Riprendiamo un articolo pubblicato da Econsultancy che esamina il tema.

The shift toward a more customer-centric, omni-channel approach to marketing is a fundamental transformation affecting many industries.

In the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry, for example, it arises in response to multiple trends including customer adoption of digital technology, changing customer access dynamics, a shift to outcomes-based compensation, and rising patient empowerment.

Most companies have embraced this shift and are investing significant resources behind enabling it, including investments in technology platforms, process change and training.

Unfortunately, in our experience, the impact of these investments is severely limited by a lack of attention to the human side of change. Preparing employees for change is a “make or break” factor but it rarely gets the amount of planning time it requires. In fact, research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail due to many human-related factors such as poor communication, lack of participation and buy-in, enough training or resources. Continua a leggere “Il lato umano della trasformazione omnichannel”

Ecco come Disney World domina la customer experience

AICEX: E’ sufficiente leggere i giornali per pensare che talvolta la realtà supera la fantasia. Devono averlo pensato anche in Disney, perché con le nuove attrazioni a tema su Star Wars  è davvero difficile distinguere tra l’una e l’altra, perché tu stesso, in realtà, fai parte della fantasia.

If there’s one company that knows a thing or two about keeping its customers happy, it’s Disney.
This is reflected in the increasing demand for the Disney experience. In 2018 – a record year for worldwide theme park attendance – Disney saw attendance grow 4.9% from 150 million visits to 157 million visits. What’s more, revenue from Disney Parks and Resorts increased 5% year-over-year in Q2 2019, boosted by a 4% rise in average guest spending in US parks.

Delivering a great customer experience might seem like an easy task for the ‘happiest place on earth’, but Disney uses much more to delight visitors than Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Let’s take a look at how we might learn from Disney’s approach to customer experience. Continua a leggere “Ecco come Disney World domina la customer experience”