Una cosa che non ti diranno mai sulla Customer Experience

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AICEX: “Content is King” diceva Bill Gates 22 anni fa, nel 1996. Da allora nel Mondo è cambiato tanto, ma molto meno è cambiato nelle nostre teste. E i contenuti sono “cibo per il cervello”, cambiano aspetto, cambiano sapore, cambiano i luoghi nei quali li consumiamo, ma il loro scopo è sempre quello di fornire energia e nutrimento.

If you have talked to your digital marketing agency recently, read the latest from Google, or perused your favorite marketing blog, you have likely come across arguments in favor of better customer experience. If you have watched a webinar about digital transformation or trends in online commerce, chances are there was mention of the importance of customer experience to remain relevant and build loyalty among your customers.

What these fantastic resources and experts may have told you is that you need to create a personalized and compelling experience for each and every buyer or shopper. Sounds great, right?

The Dirty Little Secret
What they likely didn’t reveal is the dirty little secret about Customer Experience.

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Forbes: Vincono i Brand che creano esperienze semplici.

 AICEX: La vera complessità è rendere le cose semplici. Questa è la frase attribuita ad Albert Einstein che ci è tornata in mente leggendo questo post.

A hot topic over the past few years has been marketers’ attempt to build better customer experiences. But what does that mean? Does that mean to develop experiences that increase consumer-brand engagement, increasing the amount of time the consumer spends with the brand? Or from a consumer perspective, does it mean making the consumer-brand experience simpler so that the consumer can spend less time engaging with the brand and more time experiencing life?

According to a new global study, marketers need to rethink what a great customer experience is. Many customers desire more seamless, simpler, faster brand engagement. Time is the rarest of commodities brands that give consumers the benefit of more time are being valued. Global brand strategy and experience firm, Siegel+Gale, just completed their seventh annual Global Brand Simplicity Index study, designed to better understand: 1) the impact of simplicity on consumer behavior and firm performance, 2) the brands and industries that create the simplest experiences, and 3) the top brands that use simplicity to drive disruption. The 2017 study, based on an online survey of more than 14,000 respondents across nine countries, ranks 857 brands on their perceived simplicity. Below are some key findings from the study and insight from Margaret Molloy, global CMO and head of business Development for Siegel+Gale.

Key Findings

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Forbes: L’importanza della Customer Experience nell’epoca della gratificazione istantanea



There is much talk these days about the rise of customer experience. Nearly every service, product or expertise is first hive-minded, Uberized and Yelped, then tweeted with true glee or scorn, ordered hands-free thanks to Alexa, coupon-coded and reviewed to death. Instant vilification kills and instant gratification buoys brands — often quite quickly. Whatever room for error may have existed before our digital nativity, the times have changed.

Moving Into New Digital Ground

As customers, being jerked around by telecoms, car rental companies and airlines is passé. Last month, after an Avis rental problem was poorly handled, I did some Google research and reached out to a customer service executive. I had a callback and refund within 24 hours. A Delta kosher meal debacle in the spring was quickly solved with gift cards to our mailbox. No-questions-asked refunds (think Trader Joe’s and Amazon) have now become the norm.

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