Forbes: L’importanza della Customer Experience nell’epoca della gratificazione istantanea



There is much talk these days about the rise of customer experience. Nearly every service, product or expertise is first hive-minded, Uberized and Yelped, then tweeted with true glee or scorn, ordered hands-free thanks to Alexa, coupon-coded and reviewed to death. Instant vilification kills and instant gratification buoys brands — often quite quickly. Whatever room for error may have existed before our digital nativity, the times have changed.

Moving Into New Digital Ground

As customers, being jerked around by telecoms, car rental companies and airlines is passé. Last month, after an Avis rental problem was poorly handled, I did some Google research and reached out to a customer service executive. I had a callback and refund within 24 hours. A Delta kosher meal debacle in the spring was quickly solved with gift cards to our mailbox. No-questions-asked refunds (think Trader Joe’s and Amazon) have now become the norm.

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Forbes: 11 utilizzi creativi della Realtà Aumentata nel Marketing

AICEX: 11 persone per 11 interessanti punti di vista.

Augmented reality is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in the marketing and advertising industries, recognized as an innovative and creative way of connecting with customers and increasing engagement. The technology has significantly grown in popularity over the last few years, and the AR market is expected to continue this trend; it’s projected to reach $117.4 billion by 2022, as indicated by Markets and Markets research.

Giving advertisers and marketers an opportunity to create innovative campaigns that integrate the digital world into the real world, AR is popular with a wide range of consumers, from children and tech-savvy millennials to baby boomers – basically, anyone owning a smartphone.

Below, 11 Forbes Agency Council members discuss the different ways in which augmented reality can be used creatively in the marketing and advertising industries.

All photos courtesy of individual Forbes Agency Council members.

From Snapchat filters to Pokemon Go, augmented reality techniques are gaining traction.

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Il Digitale non sostituirà mai il Fisico.


AICEX: Ancora oggi nessun sistema di Intelligenza Artificiale è in grado di provare Empatia e di agire con l’Intuizione. Il Digitale è la regola il Fisico è l’eccezione, con tutte le considerazioni del caso.

With online shopping, transactions and communication as prevalent – and as easy – as it is today, it can often be tempting to focus most of your Customer Experience efforts on getting your virtual presence right. When many of your customers will engage with you solely on a virtual platform, it can make sense to favor it. However, neglecting your brick-and-mortar experience can lead to inconsistent CX  and online backlash.

So where should you be focusing your CX? Online, or in-store? There’s a case for both.

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