Buyer Personas e Customer Journey sono cose vecchie

AICEX: Se pensiamo a compratori (buyers) e clienti (customers) dimenticando che parliamo di persone continuiamo a fare ciò che si è fatto negli ultimi 40 anni, quindi niente di nuovo.

Five years ago we were consumed with “Buyer Personas” and the daunting creation of engaging “Customer Buying Journeys.” Ah, but we had Big Data—“fail proof” analytics—what could possibly go wrong?

A lot. How many ongoing education sessions did you attend in pursuit of the seamless customer experience, learning how to create 10, well 8, no really, 5 “basic” personas that could be cast wide like fishing net over your current and prospective customers?

How’d that work for you? I hope better than I fared! As an experienced connector, I’d cultivated an extensive professional network, based on mutual trust and respect. I had deep and meaningful insights, analytics and research. I was confident that I had honed in on targeted, compelling personas.

And I had. Briefly. There was a dramatic uptick in engagement with my clients’ goods and services, for right at 6 months. Though the results were gratifying for my client—in fact—gave them the necessary impetus to implement their plans for future growth, the waning funnel was breathing down my neck.

Buyer Personas Are SO Passé

The fact is meaningful “personas” are elusive: metrics for a female Baby Boomer may share more characteristics with that of a Millennial male than her counterparts. Additionally, needs and desires are in a constant state of flux as technology allows for immediate gratification and instant access to the product or service du jour. How to create an evocative experience that conveys your unique story, while capturing the limited attention span of today’s consumer?

Enter Human Innovation Science

“Innovation is designed to advance the human experience, yet defaults to the solution and often ignores the most critical factor of innovation: the human being. With the integration of designed outcomes, we advance the human experience through innovation to activate human capacity.” ~ Brad Rossacci, Director of Innovation, 900lbs of Creative

“The premise is educating the consumer in an immersive way, through the environment / experience brought to life in a virtual world.” ~ Steve Deitz, CEO, 900lbs of Creative

A Blank Slate Offers Boundless Opportunities

Effective design solutions are rooted in the keen understanding of human beings and how we think. The abundance of choice inherent in our connection economy, coupled with our perceived lack of time, commands an innovative compelling construct. The catalyst that moves your blank slate to measurable consistent profitability and commitment to your brand is the implementation of accelerated engagements couched within dynamic environments.”

Opportunity + Challenge = Optimal Outcome

Human Innovation Science captures the consumer’s performance in tandem with behavioral and environmental mapping, to create an immersive and interactive experience. This unique experience is designed to advance virtually limitless requirements across almost every sector* to deliver a system of organic collaboration and inspired innovation.

The secret sauce is the engagement of the consumer in a multi-sensory system that activates the “native” requirements of the human experience to achieve the optimal outcome.