Buyer Personas e Customer Journey sono cose vecchie

AICEX: Se pensiamo a compratori (buyers) e clienti (customers) dimenticando che parliamo di persone continuiamo a fare ciò che si è fatto negli ultimi 40 anni, quindi niente di nuovo.

Five years ago we were consumed with “Buyer Personas” and the daunting creation of engaging “Customer Buying Journeys.” Ah, but we had Big Data—“fail proof” analytics—what could possibly go wrong?

A lot. How many ongoing education sessions did you attend in pursuit of the seamless customer experience, learning how to create 10, well 8, no really, 5 “basic” personas that could be cast wide like fishing net over your current and prospective customers?

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Content Marketing, Customer Journey, Personas


AICEX: un post che esprime una visione interessante.

I’ve checked, and yes, “Minority Report” was science fiction.

I frequently find myself at odds with the pundits in my field – it was a recurring theme of my years in the Knowledge Management field, and it seems to be my lot as a Content Marketing practitioner as well. I often have found the pronouncements of the personalities who present themselves as thought leaders to be unhelpfully far ahead of day-to-day reality.

I had an experience this week that vividly reinforced this impression, at an online “virtual trade show” hosted by the Content Marketing Institute. I sat in on a chat session moderated by a Content Marketing consultant who has a lot of visibility – certainly far more than I have at events like this. The subject was the use of content as a way to create good customer experiences. It was “open-mic,” so to speak, so I chimed in.

I’ve been interested for some time in the intersection between the Customer Experience (CX) discipline and Content Marketing, and the potential for the concept of “Customer Journey Mapping” to provide a useful roadmap for content strategy – or at least for the planning of what content to generate. I wrote about this last fall.

I’ve been sharing this idea fairly widely, and generally getting a warm response. Briefly summarized, the journey map will leverage a small set of “personas” – stereotypes of your typical customers, or at least an important slice of your audience, developed through analysis of a far-from-exhaustive but representative history of customer interactions.

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