Come avere feedback dai clienti senza chiedergli nulla

Customer feedback response rates have been declining for years but technology can help companies figure out what customers need, says WSJ Leadership Expert James Allen.

AICEX: Oramai le survey sono sempre più utilizzate, e i tassi di risposta diminuiscono. Ma le aziende già possiedono molte informazioni sui propri clienti, si tratta di saperle individuare, gestire e utilizzare. E i dati in possesso delle aziende sono un elemento che manca alle start-up che mirano a diventare dei competitor.

Source: How to Get Customer Feedback Without Asking the Customer – The Experts – WSJ

Personale, Emozionale, Tecnologica. Questa è l’esperienza che ci aspettiamo.

AICEX: In un mondo digitale che è diventato la regola le emozioni sono sempre una chiave molto forte, soprattutto nel mondo fisico, che sta diventando una eccezione.

When you ask people about their life-changing, ‘a-ha’ moments, you’ve probably noticed that they’re almost always emotion-based. The joy of finding out they will become a parent, the reflection after an argument when criticism sinks in, the surprise at having assumptions challenged – I could go on, but you see what I mean: in each case it’s emotion that makes a difference both in the moment and in your memory.

I don’t think that it’s any different when we interact with brands. You just have to look on Twitter to see the streams of frustration from unhappy customers, and on the flip side, tweets from brands that make customers feel their concerns were listened to.

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Lo Storytelling porta la Customer Experience al next level

SpaceX lift off


AICEX SUMMARY: L’esperienza e non il prezzo saranno il vero campo di battaglia del futuro.

We now have the ability to use dynamic content, data and intelligent automation to improve customer experiences

Experiences, not price, will be the battleground of the future.

Customers value experiences, and those experiences often come in the form of stories. Selfies, social feeds, chats and influence stats grab consumers’ attention, who in turn share their personal encounters.

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