Lo Storytelling porta la Customer Experience al next level

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AICEX SUMMARY: L’esperienza e non il prezzo saranno il vero campo di battaglia del futuro.

We now have the ability to use dynamic content, data and intelligent automation to improve customer experiences

Experiences, not price, will be the battleground of the future.

Customers value experiences, and those experiences often come in the form of stories. Selfies, social feeds, chats and influence stats grab consumers’ attention, who in turn share their personal encounters.

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Come le aziende potrebbero utilizzare i dati che possiedono

 AICEX: La tecnologia ci consente di tenere facilmente traccia del 100% delle customer journey sui canali digitali, ma i processi e le organizzazioni aziendali talvolta rappresentano un ostacolo.

It is no longer enough for businesses to have a dedicated mobile website — in fact, Gartner predicts that 20 percent of brands will abandon their websites by 2019. Realizing this trend, some companies have already adopted a “mobile first” approach. Separate versions of a site are unwieldy and introduce unnecessary confusion, both when a visitor accesses a site via a different device, or when an IT department attempts to fix a bug on the back end. While individuals still advocate for a central company website, the growing importance of social media cannot be denied.

In a similar way that customers expect a consistent experience across multiple channels and devices, it only makes sense that advanced enterprise digital analytics solutions, such as session replay, click maps, and conversion optimization solutions will converge as well and be supported by web and mobile unified platforms. This convergence of analytics will enable companies to move away from a siloed channel-centric approach and embrace a truly customer centric approach. With 2017 being the tipping point for this shift, below are four predictions that will revolutionize the way enterprises look at customer data:

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