McKinsey: Attribuire il giusto prezzo alle interazioni con i clienti

AICEX: Questo post mostra in maniera chiara come ogni Touch Point abbia un suo prezzo, o genericamente valore. Fermo restando il principio generale le risultanze possono naturalmente essere diverse se si valutano contesti diversi.

Consumers are willing to pay more for choice in their interactions, yet most companies remain perplexed about which ones their customers really want—and how much to charge for them.

How can companies best engage with their customers to offer them new experiences, along with add-ons to existing products or services they have already paid for? Continua a leggere “McKinsey: Attribuire il giusto prezzo alle interazioni con i clienti”

Nell’Omnichannel Canali e Journey sono davvero importanti?

AICEX SUMMARY: Omnichannel requires framing the customer experience in human customer terms, not in technology or messages.

The term omnichannel is becoming ubiquitous. However, it may be one of the most misunderstood terms in retail today. Omnichannel is often equated with retailers using multiple channels to sell to customers. While multiple channels are now a reality for selling, what is driving the disruption is the change in customer behavior. Consumers literally are shopping everywhere, anywhere all the time. This new behavior is often described as the “customer journey.” Today’s customer’s path to purchase is certainly not linear. But, what does this new trending phrase for retailers really mean? Is it a better way to go to market to reach customers? The potential pitfalls of trying to map the “journey” would indicate caution.

Why this is important: Marketers and retailers still struggling on how to reach omnichannel consumers, are turning to mapping the “customer journey.” The irony is that the solution may really be much simpler — become channel agnostic.

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