12 cose che ciascuno di noi dovrebbe capire sulla tecnologia.

La tecnologia è in grado di cambiare il nostro modo di vivere, di pensare, e di essere. Siamo pronti ad accettarlo?

Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting culture, politics and society. Given all the time we spend with our gadgets and apps, it’s essential to understand the principles that determine how tech affects our lives.

Understanding technology today

Technology isn’t an industry, it’s a method of transforming the culture and economics of existing systems and institutions. That can be a little bit hard to understand if we only judge tech as a set of consumer products that we purchase. But tech goes a lot deeper than the phones in our hands, and we must understand some fundamental shifts in society if we’re going to make good decisions about the way tech companies shape our lives—and especially if we want to influence the people who actually make technology.

Even those of us who have been deeply immersed in the tech world for a long time can miss the driving forces that shape its impact. So here, we’ll identify some key principles that can help us understand technology’s place in culture.

What you need to know:

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Perchè anche le Startup dovrebbero pensare da subito alla CX


AICEX SUMMARY: It seems counterintuitive to build a customer base function before you have customers …

Customers often want to call support representatives bad names, not praise them by name. Not so with WiFi system startup eero, thanks to its CEO and Co-founder Nick Weaver and Head of Customer Experience (CX) Dana Lindsay. While most founders tack on customer support as an afterthought, Weaver purposely created and integrated it from the start. That meant establishing a dedicated team to gather feedback for itsbeta and bringing aboard eero’s first CX hire at a stage when most startups are solely focused on engineering. Weaver understood that to get where it needed to go, eero needed service so superior that it rivaled its product.

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Delighting customers in the traditionally confusing and irritating realm of WiFi networking is more easily said than done. Luckily, every organization in Weaver’s background reinforced that service is the product. Before starting and leading eero, Weaver co-founded incubator StartX, worked asanalyst at McKinsey and alongside startups at Menlo Ventures. Before joining eero, Lindsay trained and scaled remote teams for digital publishing platform, Inkling. She also onboarded clients and new hires to the platform — skills which accelerated her ability to define and deploy eero’s Customer Experience operations. Continua a leggere “Perchè anche le Startup dovrebbero pensare da subito alla CX”