Come le aziende B2B diventano CX Leaders

Image courtesy of Thomson Data LLC

By Are you a B2B company struggling with customer experience challenges?

When I go to customer experience conferences, B2B companies are under-represented, both in attendees and speakers. When clients look for benchmark data, B2B reports are few and far between.

Those are just a few examples of why I wanted to revisit a question I posed in a post I wrote two years ago: If you work for a B2B company, is customer experience still an important focus? In short, yes.

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Forbes: Cosa significa migliorare la Customer Experience?

 Improving the customer experience is a goal for just about every business, but what does that mean and what challenges does it present?

Well, it can mean a lot of things and, as part of Econsultancy’s latest Quarterly Digital Trends Briefing in association with Adobe, is identified as one of the biggest opportunities in the coming year.

So, what aspects of CX are companies looking to in 2016?

Is it about UI, data, speed, fun or reliability?

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