Forbes: Cosa significa migliorare la Customer Experience?

 Improving the customer experience is a goal for just about every business, but what does that mean and what challenges does it present?

Well, it can mean a lot of things and, as part of Econsultancy’s latest Quarterly Digital Trends Briefing in association with Adobe, is identified as one of the biggest opportunities in the coming year.

So, what aspects of CX are companies looking to in 2016?

Is it about UI, data, speed, fun or reliability?

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Customer Experience: senza questo elemento fallirete di sicuro

AICEX: A prescindere dal Framework utilizzato i 3 aspetti indicati in questo post sono sicuramente fondamentali. Segnaliamo di verificare per bene il numero 2, senza quello … lasciate perdere : )
Companies already know that acquiring new customers is considerably more expensive than keeping the ones they already have. Satisfied customers are the ones that stick around and, consequently, use and buy more products and promote the brand to other people.

There is also a whole industry based around maximizing customer experience at “all points of contact” with a company, making this a very important topic for companies that want to succeed and have a competitive advantage. In this post I will talk about the three main characteristics that make a great customer experience and give some examples of companies that are doing a good job.

Rule number 1: Build strong relationships

A company that knows what its customers want can build a strong relationship with them. By not only giving customers what they are looking for, but also exceeding their expectations, companies can differentiate themselves. When that happens the satisfied customers return and use more of the companies’ services instead of its competitors. It is important to always stay in touch with customers, not only at the purchase time, but also on other special dates, like sending them an e-mail on their birthday to maintain a good relationship.

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Una guida alla Customer Experience

NOTA AICEX: non sempre tutti conoscono la CX in ogni suo dettaglio. Vediamo insieme quali sono i principi di base.

We’re often asked to help people who have recently taken on new responsibilities in customer experience (which is commonly abbreviated as CX). Since it’s important for anyone in the field to understand the core principles of CX, I’ve put together this post and called it “CX for Smarties.” Anyone who cares enough about CX to read this post is not a dummy.

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