Forse ti fidi troppo delle survey?

AICEX: Fare investimenti e prendere decisioni basandosi solo su quello che dichiarano i clienti è abbastanza pericoloso. In linea generale bisognerebbe verificare con dati oggettivi se quello che le persone fanno corrisponde a ciò che dichiarano di aver fatto, di fare, e di voler fare.

At our MarTech Conference this week, Amos Budde, VP of applied data science at Civis Analytics, discussed the importance of data credibility and the ways it powers marketing decision making.

Data is at the foundation of our digital marketing efforts, but it is often faulty – and many marketers don’t think twice about it. Budde offered key points for marketers to consider when applying metrics to a marketing strategy in order to avoid setbacks and erroneous outcomes.

Don’t trust people’s reasoning
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La CX perfetta non è quella che pensi.

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AICEX: L’esperienza perfetta non esiste, e nemmeno il cliente perfetto, ciò che davvero conta è una relazione coerente e sincera, che mantenga le promesse rifuggendo dalla tentazione di strafare.

No product or brand can fulfill the needs and expectations of every person every time. Companies that try to please the masses usually underwhelm their true target audience and gain little in the exchange. Even if you manage to create an incredible experience in red, there will always be people who prefer blue.

Great customer experience (CX) does not exist in a vacuum. To design an experience that keeps people coming back, focus less on wowing the crowd and more on creating a plan that consistently delivers satisfying results.

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3 cose da capire prima di personalizzare

AICEX: Si fa presto a dire personalizzazione, ma alcune regole vanno seguite. La personalizzazione è strategia, non tattica. E’ necessaria un’adeguata gestione dei dati. Dobbiamo considerare il contesto nel quale opera il cliente. Un interessante articolo pubblicato da Econsultancy.

When we talk about personalisation we envisage delivering tailored, relevant communications to the right customer at the right time to provide a richer experience. In reality, many companies are still some way off from delivering on this.

The challenge for companies is that consumers have come to expect a more personalised experience from the companies they engage with. Brands such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, in particular, have raised the bar by delivering personalised experiences and recommendations to their customers, increasing customer expectations and putting pressure on other companies to do the same.

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