Mobile CRM: La chiave per Customer Service ed Engagement?

Customer Service Infographic

AICEX: La Digital Transformation può dare un importante contributo al Customer Service


Rapidly evolving consumer expectation (90% of UK shoppers reveal that they would walk away from a sale upon encountering bad customer service) means that it’s now hugely important for brands to embrace the evolving CRM arena.

Mobile CRM apps can offer a wealth of beneficial information to brands, enabling targeted marketing, cross-selling & push messaging, and gleaning real-time customer feedback. But for it to meet the needs of both customer and brand effectively takes careful consideration.

Use CRM to Better Understand Your Customer

Any brand must fundamentally understand their market to be successful anyway, but when building a mobile CRM app, this understanding must be used to determine:

  1. What information the customer wants to access on their mobile, and;
  2. How they want to engage with it.

For CRM, simplicity and ease of access is key; customers are accessing your app to find answers about your service, so you need to make it as fuss-free as possible. For a good example, see Air Asia’s ‘Ask’ app from last year. This customer service portal, which enjoyed two million iPhone downloads making it the top selling app in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia’s iPhone App store, is reported to have caused a 40% reduction in contact centre costs.

Mobile CRM Customer Experience

Use CRM to Enhance Social Customer Service Experiences

Social Media features are becoming more vital for mobile CRM applications. There’s still a huge discrepancy between the expectation of brands to actively engage with the consumer, and the reality. According to research last year, 85% of online complaints go ignored, despite a response being expected in over half of cases.

All too often, social media is being half-heartedly implemented by marketing departments who aren’t altogether sure how to why they should be tapping in. But as well as acting as a valuable marketing tool to convey services, social media is a fundamental sales tool, and should be treated as such.

From social media, you can collate valuable information from age and location, to interests and wants and when built into a customer database, this can facilitate highly targeted marketing campaigns that glean better results.

CRM Enables Better Customer Care Management

CRM software solutions can collate customers’ disparate communications from all channels of engagement onto a single interface making it easier for representatives to manage customer expectations. The rise in smart phone popularity has triggered a revolution in the way customers want to communicate with their brands and the desire for instant results.

Simplicity and responsive management are fundamental to creating a successful mobile CRM app. Get that right and you’ll be on your way to building a lasting relationship with your customer.

AICEX Customer Experience Italian Association


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