La Customer Experience è il nuovo “Prodotto” da vendere ai clienti

AICEX: In effetti è sempre un tema di “Servitization”. Del resto con la Realtà Virtuale/Aumentata etc.. non offriamo forse delle “semplici” Esperienze?

This is the time when the consumer rules the world, right? The time when our experiences are seamless. The time when the companies we do business with have it all figured out. Right? Not quite.

Doesn’t it feel great when you have an amazing experience with a company? Doesn’t everyone love Amazon? Every time we have one of these, we wonder why there aren’t more of them. The technology exists to make these delightful experiences possible. The promise of a world where interacting with a company is a happy experience is exciting. We still have a ways to go, but there is hope.

As our friends at Servion point out in their blog, Gartner predicts, “during the next three years, 60% of digital commerce analytics investments will be spent on customer journey analytics.” Companies are finally putting emphasis on this critical capability and the resulting journey improvements cannot come soon enough for consumers.

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Riesci a far (s)voltare i tuoi Clienti?

frown upside down









NOTA AICEX: ascoltare ed interagire con i clienti è dar loro quello che si attendono.

The Smarter Café guy is taking yet another vacation day today, this time for the wedding of his daughter, Jessica. When he arrived at the seaside hotel last night, the 3 bedroom suite wasn’t cleaned! He sulked through dinner with (Play)Joyce, but returned to a clean suite, an apology letter, and a one night credit! Once he gets some coffee this morning his frown upside down will be complete. Until then, here’s a very timely guest post from Melissa Spinella, Services Marketing Manager at Kronos.

I work very closely with our Customer Experience team who tirelessly measure customer satisfaction and ensure that those who don’t have a positive experience are contacted directly to discuss and hopefully resolve the issue. So when an article titled, “Customer Service via Facebook: Benchmarks and Trends” popped up in my MarketingProfs daily email, I was intrigued.  The article focuses on a recent report from Socialbakers where they analyzed how 54,000 brands from around the world handle customer interaction on Facebook. The actual results were eye-opening to me. In this day and age, 87% of these major brands with over 500,000 fans think it’s ok to not even allow their customers to interact with them on FB?! And those that do allow interaction, more than 1/3 of the 1.5M questions posed by customers were left unanswered – and that’s just in Q2 FY14!

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