Quale è il valore dei dati CXM?

AICEX: il CXM può generare tanti dati, ma quale è il vero valore? – 

Customer experience management (CEM) programs can generate a lot of data. The value of these data is based on their utility to improve the customer experience and the overall quality of the customer relationship. Companies, to be successful need to effectively organize and analyze these large data sets as well as disseminate resulting information to the employees (from senior management to front-line employees) who need insights to deliver a better customer experience. Understanding, aggregating and analyzing customer feedback data starts with a business model. Because of the nature of the data is customer-related, this business model needs to be customer-centric. This business model will help guide data analysis and will, ultimately, lead to business decisions that are customer-centric.

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Mantenere una promessa vale ben di più che eccedere le aspettative

NOTA AICEX: secondo recenti studi, eccedere nel mantenere una promessa non ha un valore superiore per il cliente. Mantenerla è già sufficiente per ottenere la sua fedeltà.


You better think twice before breaking that promise — or exceeding it.

New research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business finds that exceeding a promise isn’t viewed any more highly than keeping a promise.

“I think there are two implications to keep in mind, both in our professional and personal lives. First, maintaining good relations with other people does not require a superhuman effort. Do what you promise you’ll do, and people are grateful,” says Nicholas Epley, John Templeton Keller Professor of Behavioral Science at Chicago Booth. “You don’t need to be Superman and go above and beyond your promises in order to be appreciated by other people.

“Second, if you do put in the superhuman effort to do more than you promised, don’t get angry when other people don’t seem to appreciate the extra work you put in. They’re not inherently ungrateful or unappreciative — they’re only human.”

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Angela Ahrendts: Fashioning Experience Design per Apple

NOTA AICEX: proveniente da una prominente azienda del settore della moda, Angela Ahrendts è stata scelta da Apple per ridisegnare e massimizzare la customer experience di Apple. Dov’e’ Apple oggi? Sarà possibile traslare metodologie tipiche della moda alla tecnologia?

To rise to prominence in the fashion industry, such as Angela Ahrendts has done, means you have to be very good at experience design: that is, leveraging and maximizing the experience of the consumer as he or she interacts with a product. Here’s how it works in the fashion world:

  • Immersive experience design is the ability to turn customers into ardent and loyal fans. You won’t find a more immersive experience than a fashion runway: the desire to be fashionable (whatever that means) is ingrained into our collective psyche.
  • Magnetic experience design is the ability to draw customers in through the power of a positive experience. Again, the fashion industry exemplifies that as the undisputed style leader.

Angela Ahrendts created a masterpiece of experience design at the fashion house Burberry. It seems that the next challenge in front of her, Apple AAPL +0.66%, will push her experience design skills to the max.

Angela Ahrendts created a masterpiece of experience design for Burberry, can she recreate that success for Apple users?

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