Una lezione di Loyalty dal Cirque du Soleil

cirque du soleil emotional expériences

AICEX: come reinventare ogni volta un’arte antica come il Circo

Cirque du Soleil Always Delivers Emotional Customer Experiences

By: Jim Tierney, Loyalty360

Connecting and engaging with customers on an emotional level is fast becoming a key differentiator in the world of customer loyalty and customer experience marketing.Cirque du Soleil might have cornered the market on delivering emotional connections to its customers.

Patrick Corneau, Vice President Sales and Marketing−Touring shows at Cirque duSoleil, explained his theatrical company’s customer engagement phenomenon to Loyalty360.

“In order to successfully strengthen the relationship between Cirque and our customers, the experience needs to be human,” Corneau explained. “A key element of the shows is that we provide clients with a creative experience connecting to their emotions. Our performers are known to artistically engage with the spectators during the show, and our marketing team strives to do the same once the show is over. Since word-of-mouth is a vital channel for Cirque du Soleil, social media have become important tools to spur engagement and strengthen loyalty.”

Currently, Cirque du Soleil has more than 650,000 Twitter followers, 2.7 million Facebook fans, and 4 million Club Cirque members.

“Through these channels, we can provide more details about the characters, unveil behind-the-scenes footage, create interactive discussions with our fans and, ultimately, engage with them to drive our collective imagination further down the road on its never-ending journey,” Corneau explained. “Customer loyalty can only be achieved through sustained, entertaining, and engaging interactions with our fans.”

Corneau discussed how Cirque du Soleil delivers impactful customer experiences.

Cirque du Soleil transports its audience to a place where the unexpected is the norm,” he said. “Our objective is to create a feast for the senses in which the spectators constantly have to redefine their concept of what’s possible, thus stretching their imagination. This experience applies to individual spectators, and also encompasses the corporate entertainment experiences we offer, as our shows enable organizations to reach higher levels of customer and employee appreciation, while Cirque du Soleilensures a worry-free event.”

Achieving customer loyalty is the art of staying in touch with the customer’s needs and adjusting to meet the ever-changing landscape, Corneau explained.

“The approach to reaching that goal has dramatically changed from maintaining a client base into building a meaningful relationship that is a win-win for all stakeholders,” he said. “This can only be achieved through genuine interactions. What makes Cirque du Soleil’s fans loyal is our ability to ignite their imagination. Ten years ago, most entertainment companies nurtured customer loyalty through repeated promotional communications offering discounts and bundle purchases. Today, we focus on enhancing the fans’ awareness and enthusiasm, whether by releasing behind-the-scenes videos on what the performers’ training looks like, articles on the artistic director’s vision, or simply by posting a Halloween makeup tutorial from our makeup artists, as we recently did. The idea is to show appreciation to our loyal fans by sharing content they are genuinely interested in and listening to them, instead of bombarding them with marketing news, as too many businesses still do.”

– See more at: http://loyalty360.org/resources/article/cirque-du-soleil-always-delivers-emotional-customer-experiences#sthash.Obm07Il1.FWUoOKEd.dpuf

SOURCE http://loyalty360.org/resources/article/cirque-du-soleil-always-delivers-emotional-customer-experiences#sthash.Obm07Il1.gmse


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