McDonald’s: l’ultimo tentativo per riconquistare i clienti

NOTA AICEX: McDonald’s sta da tempo cercando di rinverdire la sua immagine e la relazione con i suoi clienti. Come? Ascoltando la voice of the customer.

McDonald’s is ringing in the new year with another push in its effort to revamp its image and relationship with customers.

As part of the new look, McDonald’s will debut new packaging, signage and uniforms for workers, it said Friday. The company is also planning on increasing its emphasis on the “lovin'” part of its “I’m lovin’ it” tagline.


“McDonald’s is moving from a philosophy of billions served to billions heard,” said McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wah in a video statement. “Today, we are working harder than ever to evolve with our customer. We’re on a journey to change the relationship and conversation.”

The company is already in the process of enacting a number of changes to cater to consumer trends as it seeks to turn around its struggling U.S. unit. Domestic comparable sales plunged 4.6 percent in November, and executives have pledged to fix the business through a string of initiatives aimed at increasing its relevance to today’s consumers.

One of these is the Create Your Taste platform, which will enable customers to build their own burgers, that the chain is currently rolling out to U.S. locations. It’s a move aimed at incorporating more of the customization that customers expect from restaurants as fast-casual chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill continue to take share in the industry.

McDonald’s is also continuing to boost transparency about the quality of its food through its Our Food, Your Questions campaign, which has answered more than 20,000 questions about its food.

Another issue that’s come up in conversations has been parents’ desire for healthier dining options for their children. Last month, McDonald’s introduced Cuties Clementines as an option in kids’ meals.


AICEX – Associazione Italiana Customer Experience



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