Ecco alcuni KPI migliori dell’NPS

Avere consapevolezza dei suoi punti di forza e dei suoi limiti aiuta certamente a valorizzarne l'utilizzo anche affiancandogli altri KPI molto validi.

AICEX: Negli ultimi tempi l’NPS sta subendo diverse critiche perché, rispetto al passato, sembra sia meno affidabile sia nel rappresentare l’opinione che i clienti hanno realmente dell’azienda, che le prestazioni aziendali. Va però ricordato che si tratta di uno strumento e quindi tutto dipende dal suo utilizzo. Avere consapevolezza dei suoi punti di forza e dei suoi limiti aiuta certamente a valorizzarne l’utilizzo. In questo articolo ci sono diversi KPI molto validi da affiancare alla misurazione dell’NPS.

Measuring customer experience’s (CX) business impact is hard. It’s one of the biggest challenges in passing the CCXP exam. One reason is that CX pros are very customer-focused; we’re confident that if we just focus on customer needs, the ROI will take care of itself. Unfortunately, our business partners aren’t always so confident.

Heart of the Customer has identified ten metrics and measurements you need to focus on to show the strategic value of your customer experience. You may already track some of these, and if so, you’re ahead of your peers.

We’ve broken them into three categories: business KPIs, employee-rated items, and survey scores. Not all will make sense for every company, but most will provide much better information on your current customer experience than just an NPS number. First we’ll focus on business KPIs, then we’ll analyse the others.

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CX Technology e CX Management

customer experience technology









AICEX: La Tecnologia è “solo” uno strumento per le attività di Customer Experience Management. E come tutti gli strumenti lo si deve utilizzare al meglio.

You’re a customer, so you’re a perfect judge of logic when it comes to the ways companies are trying to get ahead with customers. First of all, let’s face it: when you buy something you want it to be easy to get, function flawlessly, and allow you to move forward in your life or business. That encapsulates what customer experience management is all about: companies that can make it easier and nicer to get what you need in life/business are the companies you’ll say good things about and come back to. If you agree that this is your outlook on being a customer, then we’ve got a good foundation for properly defining the role of technology in customer experience management (CEM).

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

As a customer you hope you don’t have to repeat your story every time you interact with a company. Just like in personal relationships, you expect to be valuable enough to the other party that they remember what you did together before, so that they might anticipate what would be appropriate going forward.

CEM Lessons:

  • CRM as a technology is a tool to nurture relationships that anticipate what a customer would appreciate, in the right way, at the right time. (Not a self-serving tool to push unwanted stuff with contrived urgency, essentially eroding rather than nurturing the customer relationship.)
  • Use Marketing Automation and Sales Intelligence tools to prompt proactive outreach to customers in ways they’ll view as valuable to them at the right time in the right way.
  • Use a Customer Data Warehouse to integrate all the sources of information about a customer and to create a real-time single view of the customer that’s accessible to back-office as well as front-line professionals who play a role in managing the customer relationship.
  • Use all these tools to involve other functional areas across the company in gaining an accurate picture of customers’ needs, so that they can make sure their processes, policies, and handoffs help strengthen customer relationships.

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