Personale, Emozionale, Tecnologica. Questa è l’esperienza che ci aspettiamo.

AICEX: In un mondo digitale che è diventato la regola le emozioni sono sempre una chiave molto forte, soprattutto nel mondo fisico, che sta diventando una eccezione.

When you ask people about their life-changing, ‘a-ha’ moments, you’ve probably noticed that they’re almost always emotion-based. The joy of finding out they will become a parent, the reflection after an argument when criticism sinks in, the surprise at having assumptions challenged – I could go on, but you see what I mean: in each case it’s emotion that makes a difference both in the moment and in your memory.

I don’t think that it’s any different when we interact with brands. You just have to look on Twitter to see the streams of frustration from unhappy customers, and on the flip side, tweets from brands that make customers feel their concerns were listened to.

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Retail Trends ai quali forse non hai ancora pensato

AICEX: 3 cose ci hanno incuriosito. 1) essere piccoli sarà un vantaggio 2) gli uomini spendono più delle donne 3) la spesa condivisa complicherà le attività di analisi dei dati e dei programmi loyalty. 

Trends, like rainstorms, can be fairly easy to predict. You look at the current conditions on the radar screen, consider their proximity and can pretty much nail where and when the rain will fall.

This goes for retail events as well as the weather. Consumers increasingly use their mobile devices in the shopping process. They expect more personalized, relevant shopping experiences. They research online and purchase in-store. These practices and preferences have been steadily advancing, so it is easy to predict and prepare for the continuing trends.

However, it’s those events that are just under the radar, those freak storms that come from nowhere, that tend to have a more lasting effect. These under-the-radar trends are also occurring in retail, but with less notice.

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NYT: Coltivare la Brand Loyalty anche con i “Clienti Difficili”

Sephora’s three-tier rewards program includes samples, tutorials and special events for loyal customers.CreditDado Galdieri/Bloomberg

AICEX SUMMARY: I Clienti si iscrivono ad un programma loyalty per i vantaggi, ma se poi continuano a farne uso è per le Esperienze.

AMERICANS are both more loyal and more fickle than ever before, judging by the number of customer rewards cards they have and the number they actually use.

Households, on average, hold membership in 29 loyalty programs across the retail, financial services, travel and other industries — that’s a total of 3.3 billion nationwide, up 26 percent from 2013, according to a 2015 reportby Colloquy, a loyalty marketing research company.

But most households use only 12 of those cards, a proportion that has dropped 4.5 percent from 2013.

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