3 cose da capire prima di personalizzare

AICEX: Si fa presto a dire personalizzazione, ma alcune regole vanno seguite. La personalizzazione è strategia, non tattica. E’ necessaria un’adeguata gestione dei dati. Dobbiamo considerare il contesto nel quale opera il cliente. Un interessante articolo pubblicato da Econsultancy.

When we talk about personalisation we envisage delivering tailored, relevant communications to the right customer at the right time to provide a richer experience. In reality, many companies are still some way off from delivering on this.

The challenge for companies is that consumers have come to expect a more personalised experience from the companies they engage with. Brands such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, in particular, have raised the bar by delivering personalised experiences and recommendations to their customers, increasing customer expectations and putting pressure on other companies to do the same.

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Il Marketing è troppo ottimista



By Mark Kersteen

Marketers are an optimistic bunch…

When it’s your job to make customers excited and engaged on behalf of your brand, it’s hard not to let that positive, blue-sky outlook seep into your thinking elsewhere. I’m guessing that’s why marketers often have such a rosy outlook on the future of their marketing capabilities.

Well, today we’re going to burst some bubbles. Not that the future isn’t bright, just that we probably need sunglasses, not welding goggles. We asked the speakers from Incite Summit: West: “What expectations do marketers (or others) currently hold for the future of digital marketing that you believe are overblown or unrealistic?” Here’s what they said.

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