Forbes: La Customer Experience è il nuovo campo di battaglia per il Business

AICEX: Ancora sul ruolo del (nuovo) Marketing 🙂

We’ve heard it all before: thanks to digital disruption, traditional brand marketing is losing its luster and the customer is now in charge. To wit, Gartner predicts this is the year companies will compete primarily on the customer experiences they deliver. But if businesses are no longer able to compete on price, and the customer experience truly is the new battleground, what can be done to meet this sea change?

At the SAP Hybris Summit held this week in Munich, a fascinating session called “Mapping the Customer Journey To Your Business” provided tangible steps any business can take if they want to remain competitive in today’s digital economy.

“At the end of the day it all starts and ends with the customer journey,” said Damir Saracevic, Rivet CX Group. “If it doesn’t, customers will simply go somewhere else.”

Recent Gartner research suggests CMO’s are to lead this cross functional charge. But it’s not that easy to achieve because the customer journey doesn’t end after buying cycle is done.

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Il Marketing è troppo ottimista



By Mark Kersteen

Marketers are an optimistic bunch…

When it’s your job to make customers excited and engaged on behalf of your brand, it’s hard not to let that positive, blue-sky outlook seep into your thinking elsewhere. I’m guessing that’s why marketers often have such a rosy outlook on the future of their marketing capabilities.

Well, today we’re going to burst some bubbles. Not that the future isn’t bright, just that we probably need sunglasses, not welding goggles. We asked the speakers from Incite Summit: West: “What expectations do marketers (or others) currently hold for the future of digital marketing that you believe are overblown or unrealistic?” Here’s what they said.

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Forbes: La relazione tra Marketing ed Engagement nella Customer Journey

It’s clear to those of us who live at the intersection of technology and customer relationships that customers have radically changed the way they interact with brands. Traditional CRM tools are no longer sufficient because it’s not about managing customer relationships anymore—it’s about creating and optimizing engagement across a vast range of digital touchpoints.

For marketers, the upsides of the new customer journey are huge, but so are the challenges. Like it or not, brands and marketing teams need to rethink everything and begin utilizing resources that are better at facilitating and strengthening connections across a constantly growing list of engagement opportunities.

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