7 KPI sui clienti da ricordare sempre.

AICEX: Riprendiamo con piacere questo articolo apparso su CMSWIRE e che completa l’articolo “Alcuni KPI migliori dell’NPS” già pubblicato. Ci si focalizza sul customer feedback che alimenta la voice of customer, tramite KPI che le aziende dovrebbero adottare, sia per fare benchmark con altri ma anche e soprattutto a fini di miglioramento seguendone il trend.

Many customer-centric organizations are using Voice of the Customer (VoC) data to enable them to understand their customer journeys, which facilitates the ability to keep customers satisfied and coming back. Some businesses are unsure of just how to effectively use VoC metrics, and much of the confusion derives from the fact that they are underutilizing the most valuable VoC feedback they have gathered. This article will tell you about the VoC metrics that you should focus on, and those you may have been ignoring. Continua a leggere “7 KPI sui clienti da ricordare sempre.”

ROI e CX: di cosa stiamo parlando ?

NOTA AICEX: che la CX influenzi il ROI ce lo siamo detti in tutte le salse. Ma di quale CX stiamo parlando? 

bull's eye


By Michelle Reeb, The Marketer Network

Marketing enables success by generating revenue through impactful customer experiences.

Businesses thrive when they build solid relationships with their clients, which keeps them coming back for more. When companies create meaningful experiences, those customers begin to “love” and “be proud of” the brands they purchase and become loyal to them. Think for a moment about the brands that you are loyal to. Do those brands conjure up strong emotional feelings because of the way they make you feel? I can think of a product that I “love” because it ties me to my family. It’s a brand my mother uses and my grandmother before her. I have absolutely no intention of switching brands, because of the emotional familial connection.

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