Gartner Top Predictions for 2012 and Beyond


AICEX: To better evaluate future predictions we see everyday could be useful give a look to the past ones : ) By the way, Gartner predictions for 2017 and beyond are available HERE!

STAMFORD, Conn., December 1, 2011

Gartner Reveals Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2012 and Beyond

Predictions Show IT Budgets Are Moving Out of the Control of IT Departments

Gartner, Inc. has revealed its top predictions for IT organizations and users for 2012 and beyond. Analysts said that the predictions herald changes in control for IT organizations as budgets, technologies and costs become more fluid and distributed.

This year’s selection process included evaluating several criteria that define a top prediction. The issues examined included relevance, impact and audience appeal. A list of this year’s predicts reports is available on the Gartner Predicts website at

Gartner’s top predictions for 2012 and beyond showcase the trends and events that will change the nature of business today and in years to come. Selected from across Gartner’s research areas as the most compelling and critical predictions, the trends and topics they address underline the reduction of control that IT has over the forces that affect it.

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La IoT è ancora agli inizi nel migliorare la CX

AICEX: Pensiamo si debba aspettare ancora un pochino per vedere effetti sostanziali sul B2C, mentre sul B2B il processo appare più rapido. 

Defining Internet of Things as intelligent interaction between humans and things to exchange data is easy enough, but assessing how and where IoT is playing, or should play, within retail customer experience is a bit more difficult.

Some industry watchers believe IoT remains in a hype stage yet grabbing obvious traction as some companies are boasting billions of connections.

“It’s happening quickly, but, yes it’s hype,” said Jessica Groopman, independent industry analyst and IoT advisor. Groopman was one of three panelists discussing real-life IoT applications during Networld Media Group’s CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit held in Chicago Aug. 15 -17.

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