La Customer Satisfaction è inutile?

NOTA AICEX: la misurazione della soddisfazione ha ancora senso? Oppure è “fuori moda”?


Customer Satisfaction and anything related to “satisfaction” is terrible. It drives me nuts! How about you post a sign saying:

“Ok folks! Let’s go for mediocre today.”

I mean, how terrible is that? After a customer experience, do you really want your customer to go away thinking “Hmmm, I was satisfied.” No way. Satisfaction is an invitation for your clients to go shop elsewhere. Now, loyalty is EVERYTHING. When your customers are loyal, they’ll stick with you. Loyalty reduces the likelihood of customers shopping around.

If the customer isn’t WOW-ed, we’ve failed.

Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable standard of service. Satisfaction is a terrible goal to have in measuring success with customers. The standard should be customer loyalty. The measurement should be customer loyalty.

Paul Tran, a restauranteur, points out that instead of your typical Voted #1 for Customer Satisfaction signs you see places, you should always strive for:

“Voted #1 AGAIN & AGAIN; based on customer loyalty (98% of our raving fans can’t stop returning & telling their friends about us!). Thank you for letting us provide customer service WOW! for over 10 years!”

AICEX Customer Experience Italian Association


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