Una guida alla Customer Experience

NOTA AICEX: non sempre tutti conoscono la CX in ogni suo dettaglio. Vediamo insieme quali sono i principi di base.

We’re often asked to help people who have recently taken on new responsibilities in customer experience (which is commonly abbreviated as CX). Since it’s important for anyone in the field to understand the core principles of CX, I’ve put together this post and called it “CX for Smarties.” Anyone who cares enough about CX to read this post is not a dummy.

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Ricordati dei Clienti e migliora il tuo ROI in 5 passi

AICEX: si sono cose semplici ma poi le facciamo?
Increase Your ROI With Better Customer Service

Retaining customers makes good business sense: it can cost as much as five times more to woo a new customer than to retain an existing client.

Customers love feeling special, they crave being part of an exclusive group. Even the smallest thing you to do to show your customer you go out of your way for them will have a positive impact in the customer experience.

Rewarding loyal customers through small incentives and gifts can help retain their business and grow your bottom line.

Try these five strategies, which are adjustable for any budget, to show repeat customer appreciation and make your clients feel special.

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ROI e CX: di cosa stiamo parlando ?

NOTA AICEX: che la CX influenzi il ROI ce lo siamo detti in tutte le salse. Ma di quale CX stiamo parlando? 

bull's eye


By Michelle Reeb, The Marketer Network

Marketing enables success by generating revenue through impactful customer experiences.

Businesses thrive when they build solid relationships with their clients, which keeps them coming back for more. When companies create meaningful experiences, those customers begin to “love” and “be proud of” the brands they purchase and become loyal to them. Think for a moment about the brands that you are loyal to. Do those brands conjure up strong emotional feelings because of the way they make you feel? I can think of a product that I “love” because it ties me to my family. It’s a brand my mother uses and my grandmother before her. I have absolutely no intention of switching brands, because of the emotional familial connection.

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