2015 CX Summit: Le lezioni chiave

CX Summit

AICEX : da leggere per chi non è potuto andare all’evento. 

Posted by Joanne Morrison

What’s the difference between a customer experience leader and a customer experience practitioner? According to Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer at Quarry and Customer Experience Strategies Summit Conference Chair, the difference isn’t determined by your title but in whether you think you’re laying bricks or building a cathedral. In other words, are you focused on day-to-day activities or are you working toward a grand vision?

The Customer Experience Strategies Summit held March 25-26 in Toronto, Canada was all about the grand vision for customer experience.

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La fiducia dei Clienti. Interessante disamina sul ruolo del “Customer Trust”

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NOTA AICEX: il “customer trust” viene definito da Michael Lowenstein come “il tessuto connettivo che unisce clienti, marchi ed aziende. Senza di fiducia questi legami si dissolverebbero rapidamente. Il Dr. Franco Oboni, esperto mondiale di risk management, commenta l’articolo e ci regala alcuni importanti spunti di riflessione.

Following this blogpost (http://customerthink.com/what-is-the-future-role-of-consumer-trust/) by Michael Lowenstein, customer trust “is the connective tissue that holds customers, brands, and enterprises together; and, without trust, these connections would quickly dissolve.” Over the last few years Riskope have spent a lot of R&D funds and efforts to study the relationship between public perception of risks (http://www.riskope.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/FINAL-Vienna-EGU_presentation_2014-05-08.pdf ), risk assessments and crises developments (http://www.riskope.com/wp-content/uploads/Can-We-Stop-Misrepresenting-Reality-to-the-Public.pdf ), coming to the same conclusions. Continua a leggere “La fiducia dei Clienti. Interessante disamina sul ruolo del “Customer Trust””