WSL: Costruire una Cultura Customer First

AICEX: Quando ti dicono che è in corso un progetto per avere una azienda Customer Centric e tu chiedi “ma i vostri dipendenti sono felici?” talvolta ti guardano come se avessi chiesto una cosa fuori tema. E così capisci che devi iniziare a spiegare che i primi clienti dell’azienda sono proprio i dipendenti.

CMOs can help their organizations create a customer centric environment by focusing on four attributes: collective vision, outside-in orientation, innovation, and shared values.

In today’s hyperconnected world, consumers have more choices than ever—and they often decide in a matter of seconds whether to do business with a brand. At the same time, the commerce model has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when brands’ relationships with customers developed through brick-and-mortar stores, one-on-one conversations, or trusted agents. Today, many consumers want to build relationships on their own terms, which can make it challenging for brands to create a customer experience (CX) that consistently delivers on their brand promise.

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Perché Amazon è al top e Bank of America no ?

NOTA AICEX:  perché ci sono aziende come Amazon, Apple e Zappos che soddisfano ampiamente le esigenze dei loro dipendenti ed alcune che non sono in grado di farlo? Colin Shaw ci spiega il legame tra employee culture e customer experience.

Each year, we do a Global Leader Survey of top executives in Customer Experience Management. Last year’s survey revealed that Amazon claimed the top spot and Bank of America…well, didn’t. While I believe there are several factors at work here that make the difference between the two organizations, employee engagement is a big part it. That is to say, Amazon has it—and Bank of America doesn’t.

The Top 10 Companies

As you can see, Amazon sits at the top. According to the global leaders, that’s because:

  • They deliver excellence customer service.

  • They communicate well.

  • They are easy to use.

  • They have high-quality touch points.

  • They have stated publicly they want to be the “Earth’s most customer centric company.

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Come misurate l’Employee Engagement?

NOTA AICEX: gestire e misurare il coinvolgimento dei dipendenti diventa sempre più cruciale. Nickie Hawton ci mostra come disegnare ed utilizzare una survey di Employee Engagement.


One of my closest friends is a teacher, who is absolutely dedicated to the job and loves seeing young people thrive and learn. The school has an excellent academic reputation and a very strong sense of community. However, poor communication and insensitive people management over the past couple of years have meant that trust in the senior team and morale in the staffroom have plummeted and good, experienced teachers have left in their droves and taken jobs in other schools. Apart from a few stalwarts, most of the people who have made the school what it is will soon have left. Rebuilding the depth and strength of the previous team, if it can be achieved, will be costly – and take many years.