Forbes: 5 Must-Have Components of a Modern Customer Experience


AICEX: ci piace che il punto 3 esprima un concetto di Risk Management.

Blake Morgan , CONTRIBUTOR
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Companies coming out of the sharing economy are first to execute well on customer experience innovation. They simply move much faster than anyone else. These companies are moving the fastest to leverage tools such as mobile to bring amazing customer experiences. For example it was just announced you can hail an Uber through Facebook messenger. This is an example of the future of customer experience—channel agnostic interactions. That means regardless of channel the customer can get in touch with the company. Today this is not the case at any large company. There are agents hired specifically for one channel. In customer service today there are walls at every turn–there are walls for agents and walls for customers. There is no fluidity. Fluidity in customer experience puts you light years ahead of your competitors. It is the number one, no-brainer way to flood your gates with customers (in a good way).

There are a handful of tools and practices that will be of huge help as you shape the best possible customer experience you can.

Here are five of my must-have modern customer experience components.

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Non puoi pretendere di essere Digital

AICEX: Volete un esempio Italiano? Eccolo, una Banca Online “acquisita” da una Banca “normale” che recapita a casa una lettera dicendo “… la preghiamo di recarsi in filiale …”. No Comment.

Let me tell you about a “digital” experience I recently had with a well-known UK high street brand. I will not name the company in question but it is principally known as a chemist that also has, amongst other things, a large chain of opticians as part of its brand.

My “digital” experience was provided by the opticians part of the business and started with a letter (that’s right, a letter and not an email even though the company has my e-mail address as part of the information it requested when I created an online account) reminding me that my bi-annual eye check was due. The letter also informed me that I could arrange my appointment in one of three ways: visit my local branch, call the customer contact centre or visit the company’s website. Always keen to test out the digital offerings of companies I opted for the online method.

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