Customer Experience Management: una overview

Customer Experience Management Program Components

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the process of understanding and managing your customers’ interactions with and perceptions of your company or brand. The ultimate goal of CEM is to build valuable relationship with customers so they stay with you longer, advocate on your behalf and expand their relationship with you over time.

A CEM program consists of a set of organized actions that support the goal of CEM. While a CEM program has many moving parts, an easy way to organize those pieces is depicted in the figure on the right. A CEM program has six major components:

  1. Strategy addresses how companies incorporate CEM into their long-term plans to help achieve its objectives and goals
  2. Governance describes the formal policy around the CEM program: Rules, Roles, Requests
  3. Business Process Integration involves embedding CEM processes/data into other business operations
  4. Method addresses the means by which customer feedback is collected
  5. Reporting addresses analysis, synthesis and dissemination of customer feedback
  6. Research is concerned with how companies provide additional customer insight by conducting deep dive research using different types of customer data

Table 1. Adoption Rates of Customer Feedback Program Practices of Loyalty Leaders and Loyalty Laggards

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Business Linkage Analysis: di cosa si tratta?

NOTA AICEX: la Business Linkage Analysis consente di combinare differenti sorgenti di dat i per scoprire importanti relazioni tra le diverse variabili coinvolte. Vediamo come funziona con le metriche di customer feedback.

Customer feedback professionals are asked to demonstrate the value of their customer feedback programs. They are asked: Does the customer feedback program measure attitudes that are related to real customer behavior? How do we set operational goals to ensure we maximize customer satisfaction? Are the customer feedback metrics predictive of our future financial performance and business growth? Do customers who report higher loyalty spend more than customers who report lower levels of loyalty? To answer these questions, companies look to a process called business linkage analysis.

Voc operational linkage effect

Business Linkage Analysis is the process of combining different sources of data (e.g., customer, employee, partner, financial, and operational) to uncover important relationships among important variables (e.g., call handle time and customer satisfaction). For our context, linkage analysis will refer to the linking of other data sources to customer feedback metrics (e.g., customer satisfaction, customer loyalty).

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