Forbes: Empatia, Design Thinking e l’ossessione per la Customer Centricity

SAPVoice Empathy An Obsession With Customer-Centric Innovation by Kaan Turnali
To deliver innovative, customer-centric solutions through design thinking, we must begin with empathy.

In its simplest and purest form, empathy enables us to not only experience and understand another person’s circumstances, but it also puts us in our customers’ shoes to experience what they are feeling. This is where we find the innate struggle born out of user frustrations and bound to the intrinsic value chain of the user experience.

Without a doubt, empathy is the most important design thinking principle I will cover in this series. Its universal application offers infinite promise.

Customer-centric design is about looking out from the inside—rather than outside in

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Customer Experience: 3 errori comuni

NOTA AICEX: il disegno della Customer Experience differenzia i brand e costruisce il rapporto di fedeltà con i clienti. L’articolo di oggi evidenzia alcuni errori tipici che le aziende possono commettere.


Customer experience design is a way to successfully differentiate brands and build loyalty that results in boosting top line and bottom line performance. But, there are some common traps in customer experience design where businesses get caught that can actually work in opposition to the goal.

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