Come gestire le journey dei clienti nel B2B

AICEX: Anche nel B2B il tema della customer experience si è fatto strada, ed il COVID-19 ha accelerato diverse trasformazioni. Un rapporto azienda cliente complesso ma con molte logiche simili a quelle del B2C sta trovando espressione anche nell’approcio D2C. Riprendiamo questo articolo che espone alcuni elementi interessanti su questo tema.

For the past decade, B2B marketers have aspired to achieve the level of personalization now common in B2C marketing, particularly among disruptive direct-to-consumer brands.

Yet, 42% of B2B marketers say their marketing efforts are not fully personalized, although 77% agree that personalization builds better customer relationships. Accordingly, more B2B brands are turning their attention to improving personalized content, with an impressive 82% of B2Bs saying they’ll use artificial intelligence to help personalize customer experiences online in the next three years.

At the same time, while personalization is becoming table stakes for effectively communicating with today’s B2B buyers, the B2B customer journey itself is undergoing rapid transformation—which is being accelerated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As B2B marketers plan their personalization road maps, they need to be doing so with a new reality in mind: The B2B buyer journey of the future is going to be even more self-directed.

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5 cose da ricordare quando usi le Customer Journey


AICEX: nel mondo della customer experience hanno spopolato le customer journey, un validissimo strumento, ma talvolta utilizzato impropriamente, o non utilizzato appieno. Capita che le customer journey non siano dei clienti, ma delle aziende che sperano che i clienti seguano esattamente il percorso che hanno disegnato per loro. Capita anche che ci siano progetti e budget per costruire le customer journey ma non ce ne siano altrettanti per le azioni che dovrebbero seguire. Il vero lavoro inizia quando le customer journey sono finite! Riprendiamo qui un articolo su questo tema.

One of Temkin Group’s Six Laws of Customer Experience is that people are instinctively self-centered. Individuals inside a company are very knowledgeable about the company and its processes and often have a mixed understanding of customers. The result? Employees naturally tend to view their customers through an internal lens that focuses on the distinct interactions a customer has with their specific department. This inward focus makes it impossible to have a complete picture of the customer’s experience. Customer journey maps (CJM) help shift employees’ focus beyond individual interactions towards a broader examination of the customer experience. Continua a leggere “5 cose da ricordare quando usi le Customer Journey”