Business Service Design e Customer Experience

AICEX: Riportiamo una sintesi della “Service Design in Business Conference” tenutasi a Londra di recente. Presa dal sito di Livework

On November 25th 2016, Livework hosted the first Service Design in Business conference in London. There were representatives from all over the business spectrum – from banking to the public sector – and of course, lots of people from in and around the service design community, all talking about how service design is being used to deliver strategic and sustainable change.

Here are our top 5 takeaways:

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Usare i 5 sensi per una vera Customer Experience


by Anita Campbell

Chain grocery stores have done an enormous amount of research on how people shop.

In these huge stores, marketing is primarily transactional. That means there is a minimum amount of personal communication between the customer and the store’s staff.

Location, lighting, display and packaging take the place of person-to-person interaction.

How do these huge stores entice customers to spend money? Easy. They use psychology.

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