Customer Experience nel B2B: Basta chiedere, comincia a dare!


This week I return to thinking about my ‘7 rules’ for creating a better social engagement experience with our customers. It may be a New Year, and we may have come a long way during 2014, but I continue to worry that B2B marketers are still too focussed on what marketing does, rather than on what our real purpose is – which is ultimately about engaging with our customers in meaningful and relevant ways that are memorable.

Before the holidays I wrote about my Rule #1: Listen. We talk a lot about listening to our customers in B2B, but I still don’t think we do it very well.

Which brings me to my Rule #2: Stop Pushing, please (have a conversation!)

Stop pushing 2

As I wrote last week, while I anticipate that many of the so-called ‘traditional’ marketing activities will be making a comeback in 2015, I hope that we won’t just go back to doing the same things in the same ways, trusting that they will appear ‘new’ because we haven’t done them in a while. This social era of marketing means that we must look at these activities through a completely different lens than we did before. No matter what we do, we have to ask ourselves a critical question: does this matter to our customers?

Just this week I saw this tweet from a marketing agency: Find out what our clients are saying about [us]!

Well, why should I care?

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