Customer Experience nel B2B: Basta chiedere, comincia a dare!


This week I return to thinking about my ‘7 rules’ for creating a better social engagement experience with our customers. It may be a New Year, and we may have come a long way during 2014, but I continue to worry that B2B marketers are still too focussed on what marketing does, rather than on what our real purpose is – which is ultimately about engaging with our customers in meaningful and relevant ways that are memorable.

Before the holidays I wrote about my Rule #1: Listen. We talk a lot about listening to our customers in B2B, but I still don’t think we do it very well.

Which brings me to my Rule #2: Stop Pushing, please (have a conversation!)

Stop pushing 2

As I wrote last week, while I anticipate that many of the so-called ‘traditional’ marketing activities will be making a comeback in 2015, I hope that we won’t just go back to doing the same things in the same ways, trusting that they will appear ‘new’ because we haven’t done them in a while. This social era of marketing means that we must look at these activities through a completely different lens than we did before. No matter what we do, we have to ask ourselves a critical question: does this matter to our customers?

Just this week I saw this tweet from a marketing agency: Find out what our clients are saying about [us]!

Well, why should I care?

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La Customer Experience è più importante nel B2B che nel B2C ?

AICEX: Post con uno spunto interessante.

In today’s business environment, we all know customer experience is important, and we’ve all heard about social media’s impact as the new “word of mouth”. Stats often point to each person telling at least 7 (sometimes as high as 20) other people about their experience with a brand. That’s scary enough, but now consider that if your customers are other businesses, they inherently have multiple people working there and using your system. So not only can each individual user (or contact) spread the word via social media, they are going to talk to each other.

Whether that conversation is a negative or positive one is up to you.

It’s human nature – if we have a good experience, we want to share it with our peers. If we love a company, we become an ambassador for their brand. And if we have a bad experience, we want to tell EVERYONE. Your business customers will talk about their experiences in the break room, around the water cooler, even in company meetings.

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