Come creare una migliore shopping experience


NOTA AICEX: comprendere le esigenze ed il comportamento dei propri clienti è alla base per migliorare la loro shopping experience. Analizziamo insieme i tre fattori chiave.

Learning the needs of your customer, monitoring their behavior and rewarding them for loyalty allows retailers to create a better shopping experience by effectively leveraging consumer data would seem to be basic business logic. However, not everyone is as logical as you! In a world of increasing parity, the key thing that you can do to differentiate yourself is service and experience.

Here are my top three tips on how to collect, leverage and use your data to offer the best shopping experience:

  1. Know your customer

Regardless of how your customer comes to you (i.e. mobile device, iPad, visiting a retail location, etc.) they have information to give you. If they are buying a pair of jeans in your store they are giving you their preferences, such as color, style, waist/length size, texture, amount they have spent, brand affinity and if they responded to a promotion. Without a way to capture this information and quickly append the data to their profile, you may be losing valuable information that you could use to better know them.

  1. Monitor Behavior

Observe closely how your customers are interacting with your brand. When do they open your emails? What links/images do they click on? Do they redeem your coupon codes only near the holidays or do they respond better to free shipping offers? Do they prefer to shop in-store or online? By learning the motivations of your customers, you can create highly personalized messaging tailored not only to their needs, but their behavior. With this information you can continually refresh your customer profiles thus steadily increasing your marketing R.O.I.

  1. Reward for Loyalty

Show your customers that you care based on their shopping behavior. Although the relationship you have may only be virtual, show them you appreciate them by creating a loyalty program flexible enough to accommodate what interests them most. In my experience, I find the best loyalty programs are simple, upfront, consistent and relevant. When I go to Starbucks, for example, I know that I get one free drink after twelve paid drinks. Furthermore, this offers a unique identifier to know your consumer regardless of their channel preferences.

Follow these three tips on your own or with professional advice to achieve a higher level of customer engagement and profitability.



AICEX Customer Experience Italian Association


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