Come creare una migliore shopping experience


NOTA AICEX: comprendere le esigenze ed il comportamento dei propri clienti è alla base per migliorare la loro shopping experience. Analizziamo insieme i tre fattori chiave.

Learning the needs of your customer, monitoring their behavior and rewarding them for loyalty allows retailers to create a better shopping experience by effectively leveraging consumer data would seem to be basic business logic. However, not everyone is as logical as you! In a world of increasing parity, the key thing that you can do to differentiate yourself is service and experience.

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Il Cliente NON ha sempre ragione

NOTA AICEX: prima di lavorare sulle customer expectations e sul miglioramento del servizio, analizziamo alcuni miti del Customer Service.

“#CustomerService Trumps almost everything, even your marketing and #ProductImprovement, efforts won’t amount to anything if customers are leaving—and spreading bad reviews about your company …”

It seems simple enough, meet #CustomerExpectations, and people are happy…If you exceed them, customers become Loyal to your Brand and yet many organizations, Big & Small, are struggling to provide #GoodCustomerService…!!

In most cases, I know businesses want to do good for their customers—they just don’t know how… Sometimes they’re just doing it wrong…So before we dive into improving customer service for your organization, let’s set the record straight first…

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