Perché i programmi di Customer Experience falliscono?

NOTA AICEX: tutti i progetti di Customer Experience partono dalla tecnologia. Ma è davvero corretto?

All change programs are inherently risky. While most organisations focus on managing the technical risk, my experience is that the greatest risk to Customer Experience (CX) Projects isn’t technical risk it is the human risk. It is common for CX Projects to fail to deliver the majority of benefits due to under investment in human capacity.

The current CX change paradigm invests in developing capability (ability to perform a task – “how do I use the new CX platform?”) as opposed to capacity (resilience and adaptability to perform any task to achieve goals and manage change– “how do I deliver a better customer experience?”). Success demands that we invert the investment pyramid by investing in the people delivering the Service Experience as well as the technology.

The following diagram demonstrates the typical business case assumptions for CX Projects

As this diagram portrays, the majority of CX Project investment is in infrastructure and software. Often this part of the CX Project can assume 90% of the project budget. Yet, the bulk of the project benefits are based on human performance such as reduced headcount, increased sales and faster transaction times.

The human elements often constitute over 75% of the savings incorporated into the CX Project business case. Yet, the people that make up the Service Ecosystem receive less than 10% of the investment in building their capacity to realise the change. In fact, it is not unusual to see NO budget in building human capacity in business case.

It is a simple concept, yet so many CX Projects continue to fail for this one reason. We must invert the pyramid and stop thinking about technology first and people second. People should form the centre of every change program. You will be amazed how much one can improve the Customer Experience by investing in people rather than technology.


AICEX – Associazione Italiana Customer Experience


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