Quale sarà l’evoluzione delle customer relation: il CX team!

Nota Aicex: una interessante infografica sul team di customer experience, visto come evoluzione naturale nelle relazioni con il cliente.

What’s the Next Evolution in Customer Relations? Meet the Customer Experience Team [INFOGRAPHIC]

For years, Customer Service was the only department responsible for customer relations. However, when customers ask more complex questions related to sales, marketing, or product development, the customer service team isn’t properly equipped to provide smooth replies and inquiries. In these instances, feedback or sales opportunities are left unattended. Therefore, brands need to step away from traditional customer service models and introduce a Customer Experience Team that is able to address any type of issue or question in real-time.

72% of consumers expects brands to respond within an hour to complaints on Twitter.

Customers demand fast and accurate responses. To build trust and loyalty, brands need to step it up a notch and create Customer Experience teams to streamline their efforts and properly address any issue in a personalized, consistent manner. Take a look at the visual below that explains each department and its role in the Customer Experience team.

Have a look at the infographic we have compiled that describes the past and present problems of customer relations and the solution for delivering a positive, well-rounded experience to customers. The graphic maps out what a Customer Experience Team entails and which role each department plays.

Source: www.engagor.com

AICEX Associazione Italiana Customer Experience




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