Cos’é la Customer Experience?

NOTA AICEX: siamo indubbiamente nella Age of the Customer. Ma sappiamo davvero cos’è la Customer Experience?
I don’t know of any business I have ever consulted that didn’t want its customers to be happy. Going above and beyond, and leveraging both social media and email for a great conversation about and understanding of customer expectations. But as Jim Basingame pointed out in a brilliant Forbes post this past January, businesses of every size have to elevate their game even more. They now operate in an environment (whether they know it or not) where customers rule:
“Visionary Sellers that transition to the new Age with their customers will be successful by recognizing that being competitive is no longer enough—you also have to be relevant.”

It is indeed the Age of the Customer. This seismic shift in the marketplace has been largely aided by huge advances in the technology over the last two decades – resulting in a tech-savvy, highly informed customer base that expects results. Forrester’s great infographic charts the journey to this point:
The key to surviving, and thriving, in this environment is communication, as there are many effective ways to create loyal supporters and drive attention to your business. You can have your CEO using social media when time permits, occasionally interacting with followers. It might also be a good idea to collaborate with another business around a neighborhood project or social good campaign, something to inspire customers and help people at the same time.

Mollie Schane, Sr. Marketing Manager at AT&T, has a great perspective on the many things that go into crafting a comprehensive and responsive customer-centric approach. She recently shared her thoughts with me:
Lots of companies say “The Customer Experience”. What do you envision when you hear that phrase?
Mollie: With all the available technology and data, I believe that personalization is the future of customer experience. Being able to deliver a best in class experience to your customers that fits each of their lifestyles is key to success. Companies that don’t use customer data to improve their products and services will suffer greatly.
What are some of the new things business are doing to improve customer service?
Mollie: For example AT&T has a Service Escalation Program, which allows employees, regardless of their business unit, to alert support about a customer issue. For example, I have friends that have AT&T and if they were to complain to me about an issue, I could submit the issue for them in the program and they would have their issue resolved without having to contact support. The company’s goal is that all employees are held accountable for delivering a best in class customer experience to everyone.

 As we move deeper into this decade and into the Information Age, how do you see the customer-brand relationship evolving?

Mollie: I see using technology to accommodate the differences between individuals as being the future. Also, the ability to predict customer behavior, needs or wants, and tailor offers and communications very precisely via predictive personalization to impact major brands. Since more companies are using customer data from social media, online browsing, mobile phones, and so on, they have the ability to deliver content to customers that appeals specifically to them. Companies that don’t adjust their brand and embrace big data will not survive.


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