Customer Service: top trend

NOTA AICEX: rispolveriamo i top trend per il Customer Service nel 2014 proposti da Forrester. Sono ancora attuali?


In the Age Of The Customer, executives don’t decide how customer-centric their companies are – customers. In an attempt to move the needle on customer service operations, in order to keep customers satisfied and loyal to your brand, these are the top trends that you should be paying attention to. You can get my full report here.

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Cos’é la Customer Experience?

NOTA AICEX: siamo indubbiamente nella Age of the Customer. Ma sappiamo davvero cos’è la Customer Experience?
I don’t know of any business I have ever consulted that didn’t want its customers to be happy. Going above and beyond, and leveraging both social media and email for a great conversation about and understanding of customer expectations. But as Jim Basingame pointed out in a brilliant Forbes post this past January, businesses of every size have to elevate their game even more. They now operate in an environment (whether they know it or not) where customers rule:
“Visionary Sellers that transition to the new Age with their customers will be successful by recognizing that being competitive is no longer enough—you also have to be relevant.”

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