5 lezioni di CX da un tassista


NOTA AICEX: Se lo volete abbiamo trovato anche le 5 lezioni CX dalla Signora delle pulizie. Giuro ! E vi assicuro che non sono affatto banali.

Yes, you read it right. Great customer experience comes from anywhere. I want to bring your kind attention to a personal service encounter of a leading customer experience advocate Scott McKain . This encounter is focused ona cab journey by a cab driver “Taxi Terry”. No.. No.. I am not going to bug you with a word-on-word transcript of something you could extract more pleasure from watching the video at the end.
This experience teaches us some fundamental lessons that we all could learn from.

The top 5 lessons are:

1.      Understand your customer well:
In video story, cab driver Taxi Terry is working really hard in connecting with his customers and understanding their story. He not only listening but also recording those stories. It is something we all could learn. In today’s world when competition is at its peak, and companies are sitting on tight budget, it has become an absolute essential to retain existing clients.
What better way to retain existing client but to know their story and connect with them. The more you know about your customers, the better bond it forms, thatis comfortable and trustworthy. This not only leads to long-term, business relationship, but also more referral/word-of mouth opportunities.

2.      Build a system to deliver experience and not just service:
From the statement “Are you ready for the best cab ride of your life” to the point of referring Scott to Taxi Terry’s website for receipt and future bookings; every thing was build not just to deliver a service, but to deliver an experience. The outcome- Look at this blog, the video, hits on this youtube video. People do not remember service, but they do remember experience. So, if an effort is put in place to build a system to deliver an experience, the more customers will take them along for effective word-of-mouth, utlimately resulting in better branding.

Consider watching a movie trailer.  Movie trailers are not made to tell about an upcoming movie, but to deliver an experience, which you take with you when you leave and share it with people around. With surging social media channels, nothing could be better than a satisfied customer willing to share their story to friends and family. So, any effort in delivering experience will ultimately deliver more word-of-mouth and better loyalists.

3.      Keep on minimizing complexities for your customers:
One more thing that stood out in the video was consistent effort by cab driver to make sure customer is met with minimum difficulty. Every inch of effort was placed to make customer feel comfortable and at ease. It resulted in consistent spurts of WOW moments on how easy it is made to deal with something frustrating, dry and mundane. This ultimately helped customer in focusing on other valuable aspects of the service. The more complicated the services, the more they distract customers from a good experience. So, it will be worth every penny to fine tune processes to make them simple and easy to follow. Companies like Amazon, Zappos, and Southwest are pioneers at this.

4.      Always work to create a WOW experience, even if it costs extra:
While delivering some services, how many of us actually focus on delivering a WOW moment to amuse customers? This is another big hole that Taxi Terry addresses. His constant effort to entertain his client has paid off handsomely. Surely, he might have had to spend something extra to integrate the process in his routine services, but it ultimately helped him gain some loyal customers, build a strong customer centric brand. What these small things did for him, wouldn’t have been made possible by big investments in marketing. So, investing in that wow experience should always be considered. It not only helps build a powerful and sustainable brand around customer centricity, but also, help gain loyal customers along the way.

5.      Always use the best tools for the job that helps you excel in customer engagement:
Cab driver with a weather map is surely something no one expected. Even a database with customer history is something one could never relate with him. This openness to latest tools and techniques to deliver a quality experience is something, which we should all learn from this video.

Having better tools to help us deliver a wow experience is always an asset. It not only helps in delivering a better service, but also helps in establishing a competitive edge, which utlimately results in building a stronger and identifiable value preposition.

With these 5 lessons, one could easily create a rounded customer experience approach for delivering a system that is generating continuous and sustainable WOW at the cost of building a customer centric company.

Did it hit you in a different way, would love to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment for any suggestions/criticism.

Source: http://analyticsweek.com/dipping-customer-satisfaction-5-lessons-cab-driver/



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