6 modi (ironici) per tenere lontani i vostri Clienti

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Moving has a lot of perks: excitement about a new city, jitters about a new job, and creativity (read: spending gobs of money) on decorating a new apartment.

How to turn off your customers in six sarcastic steps

But moving also means canceling your cable and Internet, ending – and starting new – utilities, frantically searching for apartments, and, once you’ve found that apartment, lugging boxes from dusk to dawn.




That sounds like a bad dream. (And I’m living proof that it is.)

From a marketer’s standpoint, though, it’s more than a bad dream: The poor customer service associated with moving, whether intentional or not, is a nightmare.

So today, I present a six-step checklist to help you turn off customers and market like it’s 1999. (Side note: sarcasm and I hang out on the reg.)

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10 errori di mobile design e come evitarli

The top 10 mobile design mistakes – and how to avoid them

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Dave Shea dives deep into what’s wrong with the mobile web and considers how we can make it better by identifying 10 design anti-patterns.

A few years ago, I spent a few weeks driving around New Zealand’s south island. Public Wi-Fi seems mostly unavailable in the South Pacific, so I relied on a prepaid SIM card for connectivity during that trip.

This shouldn’t have been particularly memorable, but, after spending hours attempting hotel bookings on sites that clearly weren’t optimised for my mobile phone, the experience is still fresh in my mind. I remember a lot of frustration, pinching and zooming to see minuscule form fields. I remember attempting to resubmit the form multiple times because I missed a field while zoomed in. I also remember this experience costing me more than just my time.

We make decisions as we design and build sites. Sometimes we decide in favour of approaches that meet our needs but cause grief for our end users. Those are mobile design mistakes and these practices need to die. Let’s talk about them.

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