Perchè alla Mercedes i bagni sono senza lavandini?

Sinks are so redundant. Counter sink ftw.

NOTA AICEX: un divertente articolo sulla user experience – 

With all the automated things happening in the restrooms these days — faucet, soap, and toilet engage automatically — this sink threw me for a loop.

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La Customer Experience è il nuovo Marketing: il caso Mercedes

NOTA AICEX: Mercedes dimostra come la Customer Experience sia così importante da essere diventata parte integrante del processo di marketing dell’azienda.


I have been talking to a lot of people over the past year about the way that customer service is taking on a new importance in most organizations. Of course most executives say that the ‘customer comes first’, but I believe that many companies are now looking to their customer facing team for ideas, leadership and competitive advantage.

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