INC: 4 cose per migliorare la CX nelle Assicurazioni Sanitarie, e non solo …

AICEX: Valido per tutti i servizi che devono “funzionare al momento del bisogno”.

Originally published by Don Peppers on LinkedIn: Delivering a Frictionless Customer Experience in Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare definitely isn’t what it used to be.

In previous posts I’ve talked a great deal about the importance of ensuring that your customer experience is as frictionless as possible. And when I use the term “frictionless” I’m talking specifically about an experience a customer would find to bereliable (working well, with no flaws), valuable (not overpriced, easy to understand),relevant (specific to that customer), and trustable (designed to operate in the customer’s interest, proactively).

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La Loyalty nel settore assicurativo. Il prezzo non basta!

In recent years, the consumer insurance market has changed out of all recognition. New channels such as the internet have transformed the landscape. Indeed, according to theFinancial Conduct Authority, almost half of all internet users have researched motor insurance on price comparison websites, with 4 out of 5 of them going on to buy policies through them.

Customer loyalty is a thing of the past and this is impacting the insurer’s bottom line. Asreported by the Financial Times, in the last 19 consecutive years the UK motor insurance industry has failed to turn an underwriting profit. For every £1 earned through premiums, insurers are paying out £1.08 in claims and expenses.

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