NYT: Coltivare la Brand Loyalty anche con i “Clienti Difficili”

Sephora’s three-tier rewards program includes samples, tutorials and special events for loyal customers.CreditDado Galdieri/Bloomberg

AICEX SUMMARY: I Clienti si iscrivono ad un programma loyalty per i vantaggi, ma se poi continuano a farne uso è per le Esperienze.

AMERICANS are both more loyal and more fickle than ever before, judging by the number of customer rewards cards they have and the number they actually use.

Households, on average, hold membership in 29 loyalty programs across the retail, financial services, travel and other industries — that’s a total of 3.3 billion nationwide, up 26 percent from 2013, according to a 2015 reportby Colloquy, a loyalty marketing research company.

But most households use only 12 of those cards, a proportion that has dropped 4.5 percent from 2013.

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Come misurare la Loyalty?


AICEX: Misurare la customer loyalty non è sempre ovvio. Analizziamo le caratteristiche delle metriche di loyalty.

Developing measures of customer loyalty using survey questions is a scientific endeavor; these loyalty measures are typically customers’ self-reported likelihood of engaging in future loyalty behaviors. Because self-reported metrics are necessarily fraught with measurement error, I have argued for using psychometrics as a way of evaluating these “soft” metrics. Psychometrics helps you understand the reliability and validity of your loyalty metrics and needs to be considered whenever you are measuring customers’ attitudes/perceptions/opinions.

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Esperienza “wow”: funziona davvero per migliorare la loyalty?

NOTA AICEX: chi non vorrebbe far vivere un’esperienza “wow” ai propri clienti? Le tattiche sono diverse. Ma non tutte generano davvero piacere e fedeltà nel cliente. E se per caso lo annoiassero?

In this post I complete my take on the key assertion and the 4 findings put forth in the book The Effortless Experience.  Before I launch into this post let’s recap the following points from the first post.

Recap of the essential points from the earlier post

The four major findings put forth by the authors:

  1. A strategy of delight doesn’t pay
  2. Satisfaction is not a predictor of loyalty
  3. Customer service interaction tend to drive disloyalty, not loyalty
  4. The key to mitigating disloyalty is reducing customer effort

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