Travel ed Entertainment stanno cambiando lo scenario Loyalty

 AICEX SUMMARY: Le persone non desiderano dei punti, ma appartenere a coloro che ottengono dei punti.

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of marketing knows that customer loyalty and loyalty programs are changing rapidly. The old spend and reward model is quickly being supplanted by programs that focus more on customer experience. Organizations in travel, sports, and entertainment are leading the way in taking customers beyond the simple points accumulation model by reinventing the concept of loyalty programs and making them more experienced-focused.

Phil Rubin, CEO and founder of rDialogue, a customer loyalty and relationship marketing firm, recently chaired a panel discussion at the 9th annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 – The Association for Customer Loyalty, titled, “CX Getaway: Building Loyalty in Travel and Entertainment.”

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Come migliorare la CX nell’Automotive

AICEX: il settore Automotive dovrà cambiare, che lo voglia o meno. Oltre alle evoluzioni inside-out ci saranno anche quelle outside-in ad esempio a seguito di acquisizioni in settori affini. Già il titolo originale di questo Post dice molto: “3 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Experience: Can I Have a Pedicure With My Oil Change Please?” 

Car manufacturers and dealers have historically focused on product quality and the driving experience to acquire new customers and encourage brand loyalty. However, product quality is improving dramatically and is losing value as a key brand differentiator. According to a report by Medallia, “Over a ten-year period, from 2003 through 2012, reliability has improved so much that the top 20% of models available in 2003 would fall to the bottom 20% in 2012.”

In regards to the driving experience, new car models are sporting all sorts of new features to improve the driving experience. According to a 2015 study by Nielsen, vehicle to driver communication is the most popular feature for connected drivers. Other popular features include voice activated controls, internet-enabled navigation, personal assistant service, vehicle internet connectivity, and vehicle mobile applications.

As more and more vehicles tout a range of exciting features, better safety, and the next best thing in car design, manufacturers and dealers will need to compete on a different sphere – the customer experience.

The customer experience is increasingly becoming an important factor as consumers choose between brands. According to a study by Walker, the customer experience is so important that by 2020, it is expected to overtake price and product as the key competitive differentiator.

Here are three innovative ways to improve the customer experience for your customers and prospects:

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