IBM: chi vince in omnichannel… Tu

NOTA AICEX. Customer Experience personalizzata: cosa significa davvero? E come trasforma i modelli di business del retail? Vediamo l’esempio di Lindt & Sprüngli.

Here are three buzz words that marketers and customers are familiar with: Personalized Customer Experience. But what does it really mean? Why is there an emphasis on customer-centricity and how do retailers transform their business models to become more customer-oriented? 

The IBM Center for Applied Insights found that retailers who put the customer at the heart of the way they work, how they measure success, and how they’re organized outperfrom their peers in providing a more personalized, interactive experience. These leading retailers see 1.4x larger customer basket size and 3x greater company stock price than their peers. When customers are placed at the center of retailers’ business models, we get better results–why are retailers struggling to implement a customer-centric strategy?

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Il mito dei clienti “empowered”

NOTA AICEX: siamo nell’era del cliente “Empowered”. Le aziende si lasciano condizionare da quello che dicono i loro clienti? Oppure, come faceva Steve Jobs, non li ascoltano perché troppo poco convinti di ciò che davvero vogliono?

We are supposed to be in the Age of the Empowered Consumer — because the all-powerful consumer is in the driver’s seat. The consumer has unlimited information literally at her fingertips anytime, anywhere – for almost no cost. The almighty consumer will know it all, heck there will even be corporate Edward Snowden-style leaks to further inform the customer. On top of that, the barrier of switching providers is so low that the empowered consumer will ditch your service at the slightest sign of a bad experience. Not only will they defect, they also have a huge megaphone to broadcast your dirty laundry to the world and bring you to your knees. For self-preservation sake, every organization will be so scared that they will be forced to treat customers better.  There will be ongoing one-upmanship in the customer experience space, with everyone trying to “out-experience” the others, all to avoid mass exodus of the empowered consumer.iStock_000026964040XXLarge

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