CX Journey™: Perchè fare sconti danneggia le Aziende

AICEX: Lato nostro ricordiamo che tenere un Cliente è più semplice che acquisirne uno nuovo. Molte aziende sanno quanti nuovi clienti acquisiscono ogni mese, ma quante sanno quanti ne hanno perso … e perchè?  

Image courtesy of JSF0864

Is your customer acquisition (and retention) strategy based on discount pricing? How’s that working for you?

Discounts might be working well to bring customers in the door, but do they stay after they’re in? Can you keep those that you acquire? Are you creating a precedence that is not sustainable?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about the phenomenon where customers buy on price but also leave on price. I answered the question, why do customers really leave?

Today, I want to address the acquisition/retention strategy that many companies undertake – discounts: how they play into the price/value equation and how they impact or sabotage acquisition and retention efforts.

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